Frequently Asked Questions about Company Registration

  •  What is restricted liability Protection in the Private Limited Company?

Limited liability security is most likely to accountable just to a limited amount fo the debt in a private restricted company. mean your individual possessions are separate from the company liabilities. Company Vakil offers a 100% online process for online private limited company registration in India.


  •  Can I convert my personal minimal company into the other entity like LLP or OPC etc

. Yes, Private limited company conversion is possible into the LLP or OPC, etc but you can’t transform into the standard form like Proprietorship or Partnership.


  •  Do I need to present or go to any govt office to get done by my Pvt Ltd Company?

No, Its all done online with my online a. you need to simply offer us the documents like scanned copy through email or Whatsapp and Be Relex! your work is done.

At Company Vakil your company’s incorporation is handled by experts at every stage to get you the best service to get your online private limited company registration in India.


  •  The validity of the Private Limited Company Registration?

It’s a lifetime validity of the private limited company registration certificate. however, there are some scenario where private limited company name can be terminated from the ROC –

– if the company is unable to start the business within 1 year of the incorporation.

– if the company is not filings routine Annual Returns.


  •  if I am working in any personal company as Job so can I register as a director?

Yes, you can become director of the company if you are not bounded with any employment agreement for the very same. for more details need to examine your work contract.


  •  What is the Mandatory Compliance or Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company?

if we discuss the annual maintenance or compliance then its consist of following things;

# 1 Appointment of the Auditor with the statutory audit of the accounts.

# 2 Filings of the AGM, Annual Return and financial declaration

# 3 Filings of the Income Tax Return for the very same.


  •  Private Limited Company is the very best for NRI’s or Foreign Nationals?

Yes, since its not required any previous approval from the reserve bank of India. so they can easily set up through this legal entity.


  •  FDI or Local Investors are allowed the personal minimal company?

Yes, Venture capitalist firms or angel investors are allowed to purchase the private limited company.

At Company Vakil you can get your online private limited company registration in India without stepping out of your home, you just need to email them all the documents required and legal experts at Company Vakil will get your work done.


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